Remote Support

IT Strategic clients can receive instant support via a remote desktop control program. This program allows our technicians to access your machine, assess your problem and carry out fixes without the need to visit.


If you wish for us to connect to your computer remotely please call us first and then download the appropriate file below.

  1. Please save the file somewhere it can be accessed easily. (eg. Desktop)
  2. Run the file
  3. Select “Run” again to allow us to connect (if prompted)
  4. Tell your technician the ID number and password to allow them remote access.


Download Remote Access Program

From here on, your computer will be accessed by the staff member you have been speaking with until they end the connection.

Please Note: Once disconnected, we cannot access your computer again without you first running this file.

This program can also be used for remote training – we help you learn what to do by showing you remotely.